Reverse Missionary Sex Position

  • Reverse Missionary Sex Position

    The reverse missionary sex position is one of those creative sex positions that challenges both parties to think outside the box. So what is reverse missionary sex? Let’s look at it below:

    Him: You’re going to have to dig deep for this one, as you get on your stomach, lifting yourself up with your hands. You have to get on your woman after she’s already laid down, facing away from her. With the right contortion, feeling the entry of her pussy with your cock.

    Her: This one is easier for you. Lay down completely with your legs together as you bend them at the knee. Be patient as your man positions himself on top of you. Help him find your vaginal entry and get ready for very interesting sex.

    Why It Rocks: The reverse missionary position is a totally new take on a time old sex position classic. Definitely exercise patience in this one, because it will take some time to get it right.