The Love Train

  • The Love Train

    You know how most dominant male sex positions make you think of Quakers having sex? Yeah, well this position won’t. It’s oh so delicious for both partners and it gives you something new to do in the bedroom. Who wouldn’t want that? It isn’t called the “Love Train” for nothing. And speaking of nuttin’, here’s what you have to do to get there…

    Her: Lay on your stomach, pressing your pubic bone into the surface of the bed. Stretch your hands out to the side of your body like a catus. Let him enter you from on top.

    Him: Lay on top of your lady sensually and as easily as possible. Don’t belly flop on to her back, you could seriously injure her, ya freak. Position your hips so they align with hers and spread your legs a bit farther apart. Whisper into her ear as you slowly massage her with your male member.

    Why It Rocks: It’s a great twist on traditional dominant male sex positions. It gives you a chance to show her your best moves while you both enjoy the break from more acrobatic moves.