The New Mattress

  • The New Mattress

    Is there anything better than a brand new mattress? Maybe breaking one in. This sex positions with the man on top will definitely have you breaking in your mattress as fast as you can say, “go to the bedroom.” The good news is, you don’t have to be a porn star to master this position. Just a good mattress and a partner (or blow up doll) is all you need.

    Her: Lay down on your back with one arm over your head and one arm grabbing onto your partner. Lift one knee up to your chest with your other leg straight. Let him work his magic and encourage him with soft moans—he’ll love it!

    Him: Climb on top (this is a list of sex positions with the man on top, after all) with one leg straight and one knee bent—matching her bent knee. Grind into her for some fun time.

    Why It Rocks: The New Mattress gives you easy access to the best parts of your partner and makes it easy to hit her g-spot. It’s so hot!