He’s Behind, She is Laying Flat

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  • He’s Behind, She is Laying Flat

    Every guy knows that doggy style is the best, but what if you wanted to impress someone new? Well, this move is perfect for you. It can be tough coming up with sexual positions to impress your woman, but if you do this one right you’re sure to give her the biggest smile of her life. It’s all about the movement, gentlemen. Here’s how you do it.

    Her: Have her lay on her stomach grabbing the headboard or the edge of the bed/couch. Spread her legs slightly, just enough for you to fit in between them.

    Him: Get on top of her with your knees bent but fully lean over her back after you move inside her. Put your arms on either side of her and whisper sweet nothings into her ear.

    Why It Rocks: It’s actually a very intimate position. You both get to experience ultimate pleasure without any rigorous exercise. It’s a good finishing move for that reason.