Cat Sex Position

  • Cat Sex Position

    You might be asking yourself: what is the cat position? This unique sex pose is essentially the opposite of the military sex position, placing the man’s legs to the outside of the women’s while he works his way into her. If you’re interested in learning more about the Cat Sex Position, follow with us below:

    Him: The cat style position requires from flexibility on your end, as you lay on top of your woman, with your legs spread apart while hers fit snuggly between yours. This cat position requires some dexterity on your end to find the right angle to penetrate her without the convenience of her legs being spread apart. 

    Her: What could be better than this pose? You can simply lay back and let the man to all of the work. Relax, close your eyes, and enjoy the ride, ladies!

    Why It Rocks: This is an incredibly easy sex position for both parties to perform, requiring nothing but a bed or a surface. As for the ladies, you get to drift off into orgasmic heaven, never looking back!