21 Sex Position

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    Are you ready to get down and freaky, in a classic doggystyle love-making pose? Placing both lovers in a way that direct penetration can ensue, the 21 Position will give you that addictive feeling you crave. With little strength or flexibility required, here’s how to get freaky:

    Him: Stand up against a bed or piece of furniture (kneeling can work well, too) and grab the woman’s hips in front of you as she stands on all fours. Spread her legs so you can fit in-between, slowly penetrating from behind. Take it slow until she feels comfortable and ready to go.

    Her: Get on the bed, on all fours, looking downwards like it’s about to be doggystyle. Allow the man to grab your legs and flexibly stretch them apart so he can press up against your backside. This position will require some flexibility on your end, so feel free to take it slow until you feel comfortable.

    Why It Rocks: The 21 Sex Position is one step freakier than doggystyle, fun for both you and your partner without requiring too much physical strength or stretching. All you need is a bed or a piece of furniture. Remember to take is slow and enjoy the sex position; it’ll feel good for both parties.