The Wrap-around Butt-Grab

  • The Wrap-around Butt-Grab

    Want to get your ass grabbed? This position might be your favorite. If you’re looking for sex positions with the man on top, then this is the one to try out. The Wrap Around Butt Grab is a great way to get a handful of flesh for both of you. This position leads with the man on top and with the woman letting her hands wander wherever they may fall. But don’t be shy, this position will get you going to places you didn’t know you could experience. Assume the position with these tips.

    Her: Lay down on your back with your feet fairly close together. Wrap your hands around your man’s ass to get a handful of goodness.

    Him: Lay on top of her and put your legs on either side of her. Put your pelvis on top of your partner’s pelvis and go to town. Use your hand to hold her head up and kiss her intimately. It will feel amazing.

    Why It Rocks: This position is possibly one of the most intimate positions in our category. You get the closeness you crave without sacrificing the hotness of some of our more jackrabbit positions. It’s so hot!