Dolphin Sex Position

  • Dolphin Sex Position

    The Dolphin Sex Position is perfect for couples looking to mix things up while trying a classic stand and carry sex pose. Dolphin style sex is perfect for those wishing to join the mile-high club, requiring little space or furniture – just some kind of support rest to keep your balance while the thrusting ensues. Here’s how:

    Him: You’re in charge of keeping your woman balanced while supporting her right leg as it bends upward above yours. Grab her leg at the knee and use your opposite hand to grab her ass for stability while you drill into her, standing up.

    Her: Once your man grabs your right leg, tilt your body halfway away from him, using the wall with your left hand to stabilize your balance. The dolphin sex position does require some agility on your part, so don’t be afraid to go style while you get your balance.

    Why It Rocks: The dolphin position is an easy way to bust into love thrusting anytime, anywhere. If you have the patience to get the twisting into position for perfect dolphin style sex, the reward is definitely worth it.