The Winged Eros

  • The Winged Eros

    You never know how hot your love life is until you start looking at sexual positions named after Greek Gods. If you’re weird enough, then The Winged Eros sexual position is sure to fit your style. And you have to hand it to the Greeks, they knew a thing or two about making love. This sex position is named after the god of Love and son of Aphrodite. Here’s how get down like the Gods.

    Him: Sit down on your but and prop yourself up on your arms with your legs completely spread as wide as you can get them. Basically, spread all four of your ‘wings’.

    Her: Mirror his position and sit on top. Except, put your legs up and over his legs while you stare lovingly into his eyes. Grab hold of his neck to stabilize yourself and let him go to town on you from underneath.

    Why It Rocks: It’s intimate and named after Greek Gods. What else could you possibly want?