Waterfall Sex Position

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    Don’t go chasing waterfalls, except and unless it is the waterfall sex position—sorry TLC. But in all seriousness, sex does not have to be boring, and the waterfall position is anything but boring. You don’t have to have tremendous flexibility, but you should be able to touch your toes to do this move. If you’re thinking about doing the sex position ‘waterfall’ then consider our tips below.

    Him: Get on your knees in front of your lady friend. Spread your hips. Grab her by the hips and pull her onto your member. Stay stable so she is safe during the act. Give her an O. This your job, so do it!

    Her: Wrap your legs around your man’s body and then bend yourself backwards and stabilize yourself with your hands on the ground. Bend it all the way as far as you can go and let him do the rest.

    Why It Rocks: The waterfall sex position is sure to please you both if you do it right. Put in the work and it will get you where you both want to go.