Helicopter Sex Position

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    Go buck wild with the helicopter sex position. “Get to the chopper” takes on a whole new meaning with the helicopter sex move. You probably haven’t heard of this move before, let alone used it in your sex life. So, if you haven’t, then you have to try it out. Here’s what you need to know to nail on your first go.

    Her: Lie on her stomach and grab ahold of your partner’s feet as he goes to town on you like a helicopter landing on a launch pad.

    Him: Lie on top of her in the opposite direction. Grab ahold of her feet and kiss and lick her feet. Enter her from the top by laying the opposite way. Arch your back slightly and enter her from behind.

    Why It Rocks: The helicopter style sex position is one hell of a way to get it on. It’s unique, sexy, and totally hot. You’ll love the way it makes you both feel.