Jackhammer Sex Position

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  • Jackhammer Sex Position

    Get your hardhat and construction vest on gentlemen, this position will make a construction worker yet. How many times have you heard in the bedroom, “Can you ease off the jackhammering”? Likely more than once. Well, this position should fulfil your fantasies. The Jackhammer sex position lets you be yourself. But what is the jackhammer position? How can you do the jackhammer sex move without making her mad at you again? Here’s how…

    Her: Get down on the floor on your butt. Spread your legs slightly and bend your knees to stabilize yourself. Put your man’s member into your mouth as he stands over you and plays with his other jewels.

    Him: Put yourself into the jackhammer sex position by standing on top of your lady friend and bending your knees slightly. Let her go to work on your member as you enjoy yourself.

    Why It Rocks: The jackhammer sex position is comfortable for her and oh so much fun for him! No more creak in your neck while you give your man a BJ, and he’ll love it because you’ll be pleasuring all his favorite parts!