Mexican Halloween Sex Position

  • Mexican Halloween Sex Position

    Feeling a little festive? If so, the Mexican Halloween sex position will replace your fear with fiery sex. This move is not for the faint of heart, either. Our sex position sketch shows you how dangerous it can be also. If your man is on the heavier side or if you’re on the smaller side, it might not be the best position for you. So, dawn your skull mask and get the bed ready, this Mexican Halloween sex position is sure to please.

    Her: Lie down on your back with your knees wrap your arms around your man’s stomach and put your head on a pillow. Lick and suck your way to his man bits.

    Him: Lie down gently on your lady’s stomach with your back and head positioned on her legs. Spread your legs far enough so she can fit her head between them. Brace yourself with your arms on each side of your body.

    Why It Rocks: The Mexican Halloween sex position is the ideal move if you want something new to spice up your sex life!