Jockey Sex Position

  • Jockey Sex Position

    You don’t have to weigh 130 pounds or less to be a jockey! The jockey sex position can turn your dream of being a jockey into a reality. Now, your lady friend probably wouldn’t like to be called a horse, so leave that out of the equation, but don’t hesitate to give her a little slap (if she likes it) on the behind to keep things going. The sex jockey position is sure to become a favorite for you both! Here’s how you do it.

    Her: Lay down on your stomach with your body flat on the bed or another surface. Spread your arms out in front of you to cushion your head.

    Him: Climb on top of your lady friend like you’re climbing on top of an award-winning race horse. Grab ahold of her cheeks and grind into her. Give her a smack here and there and have a good time.

    Why It Rocks: It’s a sex jockey position, what is not to love? Climb on top and give her an O, you’ll both love this move!