The Bad Doggy

  • The Bad Doggy

    Male dominant sex positions can be so boring sometimes. That’s why we added this super feel-good position to our man-on-top category. This is one of those positions you do halfway through your sensual love making session and you’re on the brink of exploding in all the best ways. For both of you, this position gives you the edge to reach that high point we are all after. Here’s how you execute The Bad Doggy.

    Her: Get on your knees, kind of like a dog (as long as you feel comfortable, of course). Spread your hips wide and lean forward, bracing yourself on the edge of your couch. Keep yourself loose and open as your partner enters you from behind.

    Him: Bend down on to your knees behind her. Parallel her legs with your own. Use your hands to brace yourself and slightly thrust into her until you are both barking like the bad dogs you are.

    Why It Rocks: Doggy style is the best. It feels the best, it looks the best, and it lets the best things happen. When it comes to male dominant sex positions, there aint nothing better.