Eigth Posture Of The Perfumed Garden

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  • Eigth Posture Of The Perfumed Garden

    Looking for tighter, hotter, and more intimate sex? Then The Eight Posture of the Perfumed Garden position is sure to get things flowing rather nicely. Exciting enough for just about any new couple, this position pleases the senses while tantalizing the nether regions. Some people also call it ‘the pry-bar’ and if you do it you will find out why. Here’s how to do this sexual position the right way without ending up in the emergency room.

    Her: Lay down flat on your bed/surface. Prop your head up on a pillow. Keep your legs flesh together and touch your partner wherever you fancy as he goes to town on you.

    Him: Straddle your lady partner with your knees positioned on both sides of her. Enter her from top and then buck like a wild cowboy. Brace yourself with one hand on her back thigh and one hand on the top half of her delicious body.

    Why It Rocks: This sexual position is awesome because it gives you free reign with your hands. It can be difficult to pull off and depending on the size of the man’s member it can be impossible. But if you can do it, it certainly is hot.