The Big L

  • The Big L

    Just when you thought sex couldn’t get any hotter, we have developed a selection of different sex positions for fat people. That’s right, big is beautiful, and this sex position is sure to please both of you. We think it is one of the best sex positions for overweight people because it goes right to the source. When you need an orgasm in the worst way, The Big L has you covered. And that’s not just a play on words. It really is the Big one. Here’s how you can try it out with your partner tonight.

    Her: Lay on your side and get as comfortable as possible. Brace yourself with one arm under your neck and your other arm holding onto your partner. Lift one of your legs as high as possible, dropping onto his shoulder if you can. Let him do most of the thrusting, but don’t be afraid to get groovy with it.

    Him: Slide in between your partner’s legs after bending down on your knees. Straddle the leg that’s laying horizontal on the bed and grab ahold of the leg that’s up in the air. Hold on to it and take things up a notch with a little bump and grind.

    Why It Rocks: It’s called the Big L because of the way her leg lifts high into the air. It’s great because it gives everyone access to each other with no added weight.

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