Eagle Sex Position

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  • Eagle Sex Position

    If you like deep, penetrative sex that leaves nothing to the imagination, get ready to fly like an eagle.

    The Eagle Sex Position is a great way for couples to feel total, unadulterated, and pure penetration, digging deep until you both explode in a cumming scream.

    Him: The Eagle Position places you in a traditional military style pose, except this time, drilling down hard while you hover over your woman. Place your lady below you, with her legs pushed up and bent back. Give her some time to stretch into position as you ease your weight down, using her thighs to support you. Enter and get to work.

    Her: You get to lay on your back for this one. But, it does require some flexibility in the hamstrings region. Place your legs in the air and bend them back, using your man’s weight to keep them back while he enters you.

    Why It Rocks: This is a very easy sex position, taking the military pose to the next level, requiring just a flat service or bed to get it right. Get ready to dip deep.