Hot Seat Sex Position

  • Hot Seat Sex Position

    The Hot Seat Sex Position is an easy chair sex act that requires nothing more than the will to try.

    If you love having sex in a chair, the Hot Seat Sex Position is an easy way to make it happen, with comfortable back support for both parties. 

    Him: Sit back in the loveseat, legs spread, with your arms behind your head so they are out of the way. That’s it! This is a great hot seat position for you to feel ultimate pleasure without any extraneous movement.

    Her: The Hot Seat Sex Position is a great way for you to control penetration while you back onto your man’s cock. Face away from him, legs together, as you slowly inch your way onto him, controlling penetration the entire time.

    Why It Rocks: This is an incredibly comfortable sex position with a seated base that provides both parties with maximum pleasure and control. Try out this easy chair sex position together today.