Prison Style Sex Position

  • Prison Style Sex Position

    Named for the little space required to get it right, the prison style sex position is a simple, yet challenging way to fuck deep and hard right out in the open. You can make it work just about anywhere, and here’s how:

    Him: You get to simply walk up and assume your woman from behind, grabbing her love handles for stability during the dirty prison style sex.

    Her: You have to assume a more flexible position here, which is why stretching out your hamstrings ahead of the devious act might be a good idea. Back onto your man, facing away from him, while you position his cock and bend over as far forward as possible. Bonus points if you can get your head to touch your legs.

    Why It Rocks: The prisoner sex position can be done anywhere, on a plane, at work, at home, in your kitchen, or yes, even in prison. It’s a great standing up sex position to try when you get some time.