From Behind - "Doggie Style" Sexual Positions

From Behind - "Doggie Style" Sexual Positions
Here is a little joke:

Two guys are driving down the street. They see two dogs having sex on someone's lawn. The first guy says "That really is the best way to make love."

The second guy says "I don't know if my wife would go for that"

"Hell, make her a few martinis, she'll go for it"

The next week they see each other. The first guy says "Hey did you try it?"

The second guy says "Yeah, but it took 8 martinis"

"8 Martinis! Holy Crap!"

"Yeah, after two she was feeling frisky, but it took 6 more to get her out on that guys lawn."

Tip for Professionals: Guys, if you lift your woman's legs up in the air you'll be doing the wheelbarrow. Supposedly it burns more calories. She's got to be pretty flexible to spread her pelvis enough to make it work though.

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