The Daisy Chain

  • The Daisy Chain

    Ever imagine doing something that is totally ridiculous and completely unnecessary? If so, this is the right sex position for you and your lover. We have to say up front, if you aren’t in to Yoga, Gymnastics or some sort of superhuman workout regime, this is NOT the sex position for you. Seriously, you need to be an expert in athletics to even look at this image. If you do dare to test your strength and flexibility, here’s what you need to know about this position.

    Her: Basically do a back flip with your body completely stretched out behind you with your legs spreading and his member meeting you in the middle of the air. Let your legs hang there while he penetrates you.

    Him: Get into a head stand and then hold your legs out half way in an upside down “L” shape. Hold your headstand with your arms and shoulders on the floor.

    Why It Rocks: It’s hard to argue this sex position rocks. But it does make for a good story if you both can do it!