The Space Monkey

  • The Space Monkey

    Are you strong? Fit? Healthy enough to work out regularly? If so, then The Space Monkey is a great move for you to try out. Oh, we forgot to ask if you were also a superhero, we knew there was something we left out. So yeah, if you’re a Marvel character or Game of Thrones hero, this move is a great option for you. You’ll see what we mean if you read on…

    Her: Get in the downward dog position. If you’re not familiar, put your ass up in the air with your hands flat on the ground in front of you. Lean back and let him go to town on you.

    Him: Slide yourself over her ass from the opposite position and hope your member falls in between her legs and into her lady parts. Hold on to her legs and kick your legs straight out in the air.

    Why It Rocks: It only rocks if you can actually do this move. If you can, then it is one of the men on top positions. You’ll be a superhero if you can kill it.