The Bro Bang

  • The Bro Bang

    When it’s bangin’ time, you have to get on the same page as your bro. That’s why we recommend The Bro Bang position. In fact, we consider it one of the best threesome sex positions out there. The Bro Bang requires a bit of physical fitness and a willingness to work together, but once you get the swing of it, it is one heck of a ride. Here’s how to do it.

    Woman: Lay down on your bed on your back with your legs in the air. One guy will enter you from the bottom and the other guy at the top will enter your mouth as you go to town.

    Man one: Stand at the top of the woman as she lays down on her back. Enter her mouth with your member and grind into her mouth.

    Man two: Stand at the bottom where the woman’s legs are spread open and enter her. Go to town as much as she’s comfortable for one heck of a time for everyone. Also, avoid eye contact with your male counterpart.

    Why It Rocks: Literally everyone is getting genital pleasure with very little effort on their part, which is why its one of the best threesome sex positions.