Superman Sex Position

  • Superman Sex Position

    Superman is the hero to beat all heroes. And if you want to be a hero in the bedroom, then the superman sex position is the best move to use. That’s right, this move will shock her to her core and giver her one sex session to remember. The superman sex move has all the bells and whistles a great sex move should. Maybe you’re just looking for a lifting sex position, whatever your situation is, you’ll love this move.

    Him: Stand up with your legs separated so you can carefully lift your partner. Bend your legs slightly. Grab your lady from behind, pick her up, and put her on your member. Hold onto her hips as tightly as possible as you grind into her from behind.

    Her: Relax and let your partner pick you up. Once he does, lift your legs backwards and wrap them around his hips.

    Why It Rocks: The superman sex position is a great lifting sex position for exercise and it also makes you look like you could do anything. Who wouldn’t want that?