Anvil Sex Position

  • Anvil Sex Position

    Looking for an amazing G-spot position? Then the Anvil Sex Position is sure to fit your bill. Get intimate, up close in personal with your partner as you look intensely in one another’s eyes. It’s also one of the best positions for deep penetration! Get a taste of your favorite meal with this penetrating, pulsating, and delicious leg up sex position. Here’s how to nail it.

    Her: Lie on your back and pull your legs all the way up to your breasts and hold your legs as he enters you from on top. Wrap your legs around his neck once he’s on top.

    Him: Climb on top of your partner with your legs slightly spread and then penetrate your partner from above. Use your arms to support yourself on either side of your partner.

    Why It Rocks: It’s the best position for deep penetration! Can you say “g-spot”? You won’t have to if you try this move.