Backshot Sex Position

  • Backshot Sex Position

    Are you ready to get down and dirty with this super hot back shot position? Get ready to be taken from behind doggystyle, adding more thrust and passion to this movement that will leave both parties moaning for more. Here’s how to get this doggy style look alike right the first time:

    Him: Lean up against your woman, with your legs spread out equally over hers, taking her from behind while you rest both of your hands on her back to keep her steady and inline with your thrusts. Since back style shots prevent deep penetration, go to town on her body.

    Her: Get on all fours, legs spread, and ass popped so your man can inch up against you and penetrate as deeply as possible in this position. Hold yourself on all fours and let him do the rest. Relax, and enjoy the ride!

    Why It Rocks: Back shot sex is notoriously one of the best sex positions for pleasure in women. Similar to the doggystyle pose, enjoy this new angling of pleasure that feels incredible for both parties, earning it the title as one of the “perfect sex positions” in the game today.