CEO Sex Position

  • CEO Sex Position

    You’re probably wondering right now: what is the CEO sex position? We’re glad you asked! The CEO Sex Position is a naughty two-player move that allows for deep and lustrous penetration, without any furniture required. Here’s how to make it happen.

    Him: The CEO position is a great way for you to grab and dominate your woman from behind, controlling your thrusts while you deeply enter her. Allow her to bend at a 45-degree angle, pussy up and out, ready for the taking. Grab onto her love handles and get to work.

    Her: Face away from your man and bend your abdomen to a 45-degree angle. Allow him to grab you from behind and position himself perfectly, hanging onto your waist throughout the experience. 

    Why It Rocks: The CEO Sex Position is incredibly easy to perform and requires little strength or agility from both parties. It can be easily done in a bathroom, office, or bedroom, making it one of those dirty little secrets that many a CEO has performed in their office behind closed doors.