Tabletop Sex Position

  • Tabletop Sex Position

    Pull out your table and make sure it is tough because its going to need to be for this move. The tabletop sex position is sure to please both of you two and can get you one step closer to the big “O”.  And if you’re a guy looking to please the ladies, this is a favorite sex position for females. Its angles are perfect for hitting her sensual spots. This sex position needs a tabletop, so be sure to break that out. Here’s how to do it.

    Him: Stand in front of your lady with your hips slightly parted. Pick her up and put her ass on your tabletop. Grab her hips and grind into her as she lays back on the tabletop.

    Her: Brace yourself on the tabletop behind you and spread your legs slightly so he can enter you from the front.

    Why It Rocks: The tabletop sex position is guaranteed to make her say “Oh My God!” What else is there to really say. Try it. You’re welcome.