Cowgirl and The Cattle Rustler

  • Cowgirl and The Cattle Rustler

    Yeehaw! We’ve got some super fun FFM threesome positions for y’all! This one is designed for everyone to have a damn good time. It’s like a superhero version of reverse cowgirl. Seriously, no cowgirl has ever had more fun or will have more fun. Here’s the setup.

    Man: Lay down on your bed with your back flat. Create the best surface for your cowgirl to climb on top of. That’s it!

    Woman one: Climb on top of your man partner and get in a reverse cowgirl position. Grind on his member like a saddle horn when you were just a horny cowgirl teenager.

    Woman two: Get on your knees underneath woman one and start going to town on the man’s nether regions. Suck, lick, and tease his balls and his ass for a truly exhilarating experience for both him and you.

    Why It Rocks: For him, this position couldn’t be better. Seriously, you won’t find FFM threesome positions that get you off faster. For the ladies, especially woman one on top, this position gives direct access to the g-spot and clit. For woman two, this position is a great way to make your partners happy.