Twice As Nice

  • Twice As Nice

    Is anything more sensual than a woman going down on another woman? We think not, which is why we think this is one of the best mff threesome positions in the book. Just imagine yourself pleasuring one woman as she pleasures another woman. How fast would you come? This position might just make that a reality for you. Here’s how it’s done.

    Woman one: Lay down with your feet in the air and your face underneath woman 2. Perform oral on her as the man in your threesome gives it to you downtown.

    Woman two: Swat down above woman 1 with your legs straddling her face. Brace your body with your arms and lay back in ecstasy.

    Man: Pull woman 1’s legs up to your chest, get on your knees, and bend slightly forward to penetrate her. Brace your arms on the bed and watch the view.

    Why It Rocks: No other top rated mff threesome position will bring you to your knees quite as quick as this one. Everybody is getting off and it looks amazing.