Saw Horse

  • Saw Horse

    We’re no experts on sex etiquette, but the Saw Horse might be one of the best three some positions you can think of. Just like the name implies, the Saw Horse gets the guys on each end (where the fun bits are) of their lady friend allowing them to go to town. Every body gets to enjoy themselves simultaneously. Just remember, no eye contact dudes. How it’s done:

    Woman: Lay on your back with your legs spread and your mouth open. Lay still, but don’t be afraid to have some fun with what’s in your mouth. It’s more fun that way.

    Man one: Stand where her mouth is and insert your member. Thrust gently at first and then faster as she allows. Pay attention to her cues.

    Man two: Stand at the other end of her body and enter her. Grab her hips to keep her in place.

    Why It Rocks: Because everyone gets to enjoy themselves! The best three some positions allow everyone to have a bit of fun.