Woman Sandwich

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    Hungry? You will be after you see this sex position. It is sure to tantalize a different set of tastebuds to be sure. If you are involved in a threesome with two dudes and one lady, then you have to try this move. But leave your apprehensions of touching another guy at the door. This move is not for the faint of heart or the totally straight. Here is what you need to do to execute this move.

    Man one: Lie on your back with your hips slight parted and your arms out to your side.

    Her: Lie on top of Man 1 all the way forward, with your body flesh with his. Your legs should be slightly bent and then pushed backwards onto the hips of Man 2. Do your part to ride him like he deserves to be ridden. Expect Man 2 to enter you from behind.

    Man two: Climb on top of the lady in your partnership and enter her from behind, in her behind. Prop yourself up with your arms on either side of man 1. Make her into a delicious sandwich you both get to take a bite out of.

    Why It Rocks: Everyone is getting that sensual pleasure they crave. It’s not a sandwich you’ll want to put down anytime soon.