Double Sucks

  • Double Sucks

    So you’ve got a girl ready to be apart of your hot threesome, and she just so happens to have a boyfriend who’s game. Now you have to find some good threesome positions to make it happen. That’s where our Double Sucks position can help. Get raunchy and wild and explore your fantasy with friendly folks who don’t mind looking at you naked. This Double Sucks position makes for a fun time for at least two of the partners at a time. Here’s what you can expect.

    Woman: The woman gets on her knees on a bed and grabs one of the members standing in front of her. She sucks, and sucks, and she blows his ‘house’ down. Then repeat with the other man.

    Man one: Stand in front of your lady friend and stay hard. That’s your job. That’s it.

    Man two: Stand in front of your lady friend and avoid your male counterpart’s penis at all costs.

    Why It Rocks: It a good threesome position because both guys get a bit of sucking, but you gotta be patient. Wait your turn and this position is great.