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    Have you been waiting your entire life to experience a threesome? If you’re like most people, you would answer “yes”. But when your dream comes true will you be ready? One way to get ready is to explore some 3some sex positions. One of our favorites is the Old Faithful position. This is ideal for 2 woman and one man. Here’s how to enjoy it.

    Man: Lay down on your back. Go to work on one of the girl’s as she lays on top of you with her legs spread and her has in your face. Let your imagination go wild.

    Woman one: Lay on top of your male partner with your legs spread and your stuff in his face. Suck, lick, and do all the things to his stuff as you straddle him.

    Woman two: Start licking and sucking your male partner as he enjoys himself with both you lovelies going down on him.

    Why It Rocks: Because everyone is involved! No one will feel left out with this move, unlike some other 3some sex positions. Get “Old Faithful” up and running with this fun position.