Crouching Tiger Sex Position

  • Crouching Tiger Sex Position

    Ready to bring out your crouching tiger, hidden dragon? This is an exposing and intimate position that enables for parties to deeply connect, facing each other, gazing into one another’s sex eyes while the dirty deed is done. Here’s how to do the Crouching Tiger Sex Position right:

    Him: You get to lay down with the crouching tiger position, which makes it an awesome position for you. Lay down, legs slightly spread, ready to receive your queen. This is also a great breast viewing position for you, so get ready for the show.

    Her: Facing your man, spread your legs apart on either side of him and bend your knees, slowly lowering yourself onto him. Place your hands on his thighs for support, while he holds your knees, and get ready to ride him into the sunset.

    Why It Rocks: If you’re ready to get down, close, and intimate with your partner, this is an easy sex position that requires minimal flexibility. Although the woman does more of the heavy lifting, she is in control with regards to penetration so everyone is happy with the end result.