Man Sandwich

  • Man Sandwich

    What’s better than a couple of pieces of delicious baked bread on either side of a big ole piece of sandwich meat? Nothing! That’s why The Man Sandwich is one of the best ffm sex positions in our category. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to figure out why. Lady on top, man in the middle, more on the other side. Delicious!

    Woman one: Lay on your back on the bed with your legs spread so your man partner can enter you from top. Missionary is the closest position.

    Man: Get on top of woman 1 and enter her from the top like you would in missionary. Start grinding it out for a super delicious, and sweaty, time.

    Woman two: Climb behind your male partner and sit on top of the other lady in this sandwich. You can either use a dildo to enter him/her from behind/above or you can simply pleasure her with your fingers while you’re on top.

    Why It Rocks: You’ve got to enjoy yourself if you’re in a threesome. The good news is, there are plenty of ffm sex positions to check out like The Man Sandwich. This position makes for a toe-curling time for the man and one woman, while the other gets to explore her partner’s bodies.