Put Your Butt in The Air Baby

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  • Put Your Butt in The Air Baby

    Have you ever face planted into the dirt? This is one of those positions for oral sex that feels like that, but instead of dirt, you face plant into your lady’s special parts. All you need is some damn good stamina and an ability to levitate, at least according to our model. But in all seriousness, this one is super fun for both sides and if you do it right it can make your orgasm all the better. Forget about boring positions for oral sex. This move will get your heart pumpin’ in more than one way.

    Her: Arch your back and put your legs on your partner’s shoulders. Keep your back as straight as possible while bracing yourself with your forearms on the bed.

    Him: Get on your knees on your bed and slowly slide her legs over your shoulders. Brace your body with your arms and give her the best damn oral sex that she has ever had.

    Why It Rocks: It’s a great move if you want to impress your partner and it’s perfect access to all her best parts.