Belly To Belly

  • Belly To Belly

    Nothing says passion like a sex position standing up. We picked this stand and carry sex position because we’ve seen it so many times in movies we thought it just made sense to include it. Intimacy is hot, especially for the ladies, and the Standing Belly to Belly position has plenty of it. You don’t have to be in amazing shape to do this position either, all you have to have is a strong and passionate approach to your love life. And if you made your way to our website you probably have the latter. So our goal is to give you quality positions to work with. To nail this sexual position, read the following.

    Her: Stand in front of your partner and drape your leg around his hip. Pick up your knee as high as possible and wrap your arms around his neck. Let him grab your hip and go to town on your lady parts.

    Him: Stand in front of your lady and press yourself into her. Kiss her neck, shoulders, and body to up the sensual pleasure for both of you.

    Why It Rocks: It’s intimate and fairly easy to do.