Elephant Sex Position

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  • Elephant Sex Position

    Facing each other in a delicate arrangement, hold on tight while you thump and thud your way to cumming heaven.

    The Elephant Sex Position is one of those wild, crazy, and intimate love making positions that will put you face to face with your love while you ride each other deep and enchantingly.

    Him: You get to show off your strength and manliness in this move. Support your woman on your thighs while you wrap her legs around your back, holding her tight at her ass. With your strength enter her, over and over again, supporting her stance while getting really manly.

    Her: Let your man carry you, support you, and make love to you the sex position elephant style. Wrap your legs around his back and place your hands behind his neck, holding on tightly while the pleasure ensues.

    Why It Rocks: So long as the man is able to support the weight of the woman, this is an intimate and eye-to-eye lovemaking position that will bring the two of you closer than ever before.