The Hummingbird

  • The Hummingbird

    When you’ve got things to do but can’t stop thinking about getting off, this makes for one of the best positions for oral sex. Who has time for foreplay? Forgetta’ bout it! All you need is a good solid surface, floor, bed, day bed, or poolside furniture, and a man who can master this move. Of course, the position alone won’t make you tweet like a bird, but if he’s got the mouth moves you’ll be in heaven.

    Her: Lay back on your desired surface, bracing your upper body with your forearms. Split your legs, lifting them as high as his shoulders for leverage. Grind into his sweet face until you start to chirp!

    Him: Lay flat on your stomach on the rest of the bed and hold onto her thighs or butt with your hands. Pull her close to your mouth and give her head she won’t ever forget.

    Why It Rocks: Um, it’s one of the best positions for oral sex and it feels amazing for her. For him, well, let’s just say he won’t be hungry again soon.