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The Most Popular Anal Sex Position In The World
That's right folks, we here at Sexual Positions have polled men and women from throughout the world. We found that the picture above demonstrates the anal sex position practiced by more women than any other. Women prefer this anal sex position more than any other position for anal sex. Many women insist that this is the only anal sex position for them.

On another note: People have been writing to inquire what a Dirty Sanchez and a Hot Carl is. I couldn't possibly use the manikins to describe these so I will do it here.

Dirty Sanchez: A dirty sanchez is when after having anal sex the giver pull out his penis and rubs it on the upper lip of the receiver's face. This supposedly leaves a mustache. Yeah right, I am sure tons of folks are doing this.

Hot Carl: or is it Hot Karl? A hot carl is when one person squats over the other and shits in his or her mouth. I don't know who thinks these things up but I think those people must masturbate to some pretty weird stuff.

Why can't we all just agree to masturbate to Pamela Anderson's breast or to that scene from The Last Seduction with the chain link fence. Come on people, let's get it together. Stop masturbating to thoughts of pooping in other peoples mouths. It just isn't right. Next time, think about that girl Charlotte from Sex in the City during the episode when she says "Fuck me fucker!" in a very non-prissy way. Awww yeah, now that was some sexy dirty talk. It works for me.

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