The Chair

  • The Chair

    Chairs are a great place to sit. Everyone likes to sit. You’ll like to sit even more with The Chair sex position. If you have a good deal of balance, and if you don’t mind sitting while you screw, then this position is sure to please. Stop googling “sex position the chair” and start getting busy with our complete breakdown of this tantalizing position.

    Him: Squat down on your knees. Make sure your member is fully erect because in this position it has to be. Be sure to balance yourself as best you can so you can hold on to your partner’s hips as she rides you from the front.

    Her: Squat down on to your partner’s member until he penetrates you fully. Rock up and down on his member for a totally great time.

    Why It Rocks: Not only do you get to experience some spine-tingling pleasure, but the chair sex position also gives you both a great workout.