Kneeling Sex Position

  • Kneeling Sex Position

    The Kneeling Sex Position is a new kind of lovemaking sex position that’s easy, intimate, and achievable just about anywhere!

    If you want to face your love while you make deep love, the Kneeling Sex Position is an easy and comfortable way to make it happen. All you need is a bed or a hard surface and some time.

    Him: Simply get on your knees, with your legs gently tucked under you, and embrace your woman as she approaches you, tits out, hair down, and pussy ready for the taking.

    Her: Approach your man and ease yourself onto him, with your legs spread to either side of him. Use your right arm for stability, and grab him with your left arm to control the amount of penetration you receive as you get going.

    Why It Rocks: This is an incredibly easy and user-friendly lovemaking sex position that can work for anyone. It requires zero flexibility or even that much strength, and with a little patience, can feel incredibly rewarding for both parties involved.