Low Hanging Fruit

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    Threesomes are amazing, but if you don’t have an inventory of mmf sex positions ready to go, you might lose out on some serious fun. Good thing you found this position. Low Hanging Fruit is all about catching that ‘fruit’ that tastes so sweet. If you’re the lady in this threesome, you’ll love this position.

    Man one: Hey Man one, lay on your back on your bed. Start pleasuring the lady in this equation as she straddles your face. Use your hands, tongue, and mouth to do all the good things you can imagine to that pretty little lady.

    Woman: Lay on top of Man 1 and go to town on his member. Suck that member like your life depended on it as he 69’s you from underneath. Oh, but there is one more surprise in this position. The other man will penetrate you from behind.

    Man two: Stand behind the lady in your equation and insert your ‘fruit’ into her anus for a good ole time.

    Why It Rocks: Everyone gets to feel something truly amazing. Licking, sucking, and fucking is all the rage in this position.