The PileDriver

  • The PileDriver

    Do you watch wrestling? If you do, then you’ll already know all about the PileDriver sex position. But if you don’t then you might be wondering, what is the pile driver sex position. The good news is, the pile driver position will give you a very fun night in. Here’s what you need to know about the piledriver sex move to prevent any damage being done to your partner. Trust us, it’s worth all the effort…

    Her: Get on the ground and brace yourself and your shoulders on the surface. Put your hips and legs well up into the air and split your legs as far as you can get them to go. Point your toes to flex your muscles and hold it all together while he grinds into you.

    Him: Stand above your partner with one leg on each side of her body. Hold on to her legs with one hand on each ankle. Penetrate her from above and grind into her to make her scream. Stabilize her with your legs to make it safer.

    Why It Rocks: The PileDriver sex position is not for the faint of heart. Do it only if you feel safe but if you do it right, it will feel amazing!