Scissors Sex Position

  • Scissors Sex Position

    Scissor your way into place for cock-to-vaginal penetration you’ll never forget.

    The scissors sex position is a unique take on a time-old lesbian way of love-making. With the scissoring sex position, connect your bodies at the middle as you do the dirty act until both parties are cumming:

    Him: As your woman lays on her back, snuggle your way in-between her legs with your one leg beneath her, and the other leg on top of her. Use your left arm to stabilize your torso as you wiggle your cock into her vagina.

    Her: Lay on your back, with your legs bent at your knees. Place your right leg on top of your man, and the left leg below him. Spread them wide to provide him with plenty of penetration room.

    Why It Rocks: The sex position of scissoring provides both parties with the ability to intimately connect in the middle. Wiggle around until you get it just right – and trust us, you’ll know when that happens.