Side Saddle Sex Position

  • Side Saddle Sex Position

    Ready to try sideways sex? This kind of penetration entry might light up your world.

    Sometimes, direct penetration facing one another, or facing away, can get boring. Why not mix it up and sit to the side while the other partner faces forward? Side saddle sex achieves that and so much more for you and your partner:

    Him: Lay down on your back, directly straight, with your legs out in front of you. Place one arm behind your back while your woman sits to the side, right on your dick. Allow her to position herself correctly before you start your thrusting.

    Her: Facing to the right or left, sit down on your man like he’s a seat, with your arms used to stabilize yourself on his groin. Sink his cock into your vagina as you give him the go ahead to make love with passion.

    Why It Rocks: Many people don’t realize how pleasure-filled the side saddle sex position can be for both partners. See the sexual world from a whole new angle as you add in this new kind of fucking perspective.