Pisces Sex Position

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  • Pisces Sex Position

    The Pisces sex position is one of those creative ways to eat out a woman until she’s coming and screaming for mercy. Requiring some flexibility from the female, get ready for an all-you-can-eat buffet.

    Him: Get ready to show off your tonging skills as you bury your mouth deep into your woman’s pussy. Presented open, high, and accessible to you, get to work pleasing her the right way.

    Her: Lay on your back, and lift your lower half at the hips up into the air. Stabilize your legs as the dangle above your head, presenting your vagina in an open and accessible manner to your man. Use your hands to stabilize your lower back and provide support while you’re eaten out.

    Why It Rocks: This is great sex position that provides entirely new angles to oral sex. If you’re ready to bury your face deep into vaginal cum, the Pisces position will make it happen.