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Sexy Sex Positions for Married Couples to Spice Things Up!

Sexy New Sex Positions Perfect for Married Couples

Sex is fabulous. It’s the perfect way to make up, celebrate a big win at the office, or just unwind. You don’t need us to tell you that. But what if the same old positions aren’t quite cutting it anymore? If so, a few new sex positions might be in order.

Let’s face it, sex can get boring if you do the same thing for years. The good news is there are literally thousands of sex positions that will save your marriage and your sex life. A bit of digging turns up some of the most common sex positions for married couples, but what if you want something more, something you haven’t done before?

Well, we’ve got a list of 5 tantalizingly sexy sex positions for married couples to keep you and your partner on your toes. So, whether you’re looking for different sex positions to please your husband or your wife, we’ve got you covered.

We also have a few bonus bedroom ideas beyond the marriage bed positions listed below, so keep reading!


Position #1. The Perfumed Garden

Switch things up a bit in the bedroom with this wife on top position. Here’s how you do it:

Him: lay on your back on the bed. Position your legs up in the air with your pelvis slightly lifted.

Her: Slide in between his legs with your arms positioned on either side of his torso. Then get busy on his member.

Why It Rocks: Because it’s different, gives an opportunity to switch up your dominance, and is by far one of the best sexuality marriage positions you haven’t tried yet.


Position #2. The Hummingbird

Is oral sex safe between husband and wife? It is if you do it right. That’s what The Hummingbird position is all about. It helps you enjoy oral sex in a whole new way, here’s how:

Her: Lay on your back on the bed with your legs slightly up in the air.

Him: Get on your knees at the edge of the bed and place her legs on top of your neck and shoulders, then go to town on her.

Why It Rocks: The Hummingbird is an unusual take on the standard oral sex position. Oral sex for husband and wife doesn’t have to be boring. Use this position to take it up a notch.

Position #3. Humping Like a Dog

If you’re looking for better sex positions for husbands and wives, this one might take the cake. In fact, we think it might just be one of the best sex positions for married couples. Here’s how it works:

Him: Stand on the bed on your knees. Hold on to her legs tightly and get moving.

Her: Wrap your legs around his hips and bend your back as much as possible.

Why It Rocks: This is one of the best positions for married couples because it’s a unique take on the missionary position. It gives you both access to all the fun bits and it makes for a sexual view that he won’t be able to resist. But the best part is this position comes with a sense of urgency that will make your love making session all the hotter.


Position #4. Take Your Love to The Edge


Want to take things to the edge in your marriage? Love making ideas for married couples might be few and far between, but this one is just the edge you need to spice things up.

Her: Bend over the edge of your bed and stretch your arms out straight in front of you.

Him: Sneak up behind her and place your left leg in between her two legs. Place your right hand on her right shoulder and start grinding it out.

Why it Rocks: It’s a classic twist on the standard doggie position and it gives the man some added leverage with the floor. Pro tip—Place a blanket or yoga mat under your knees to make this position more enjoyable.


Position #5. The Wrap Around Butt Grab

So, let’s say you haven’t been married all that long and are looking for sex positions for newlyweds instead of positions for long-term couples. If that’s the case, this position is perfect. It’s hot and not too complex.

Her: Lay on your back, the length of the bed. Wrap your arms around him and grab his butt.

Him: Lay on top of her directly stabilizing yourself with your arms on either side of her. Allow her to touch your butt.

Why It Rocks: It gives you both a chance to explore a new position and touch each other in a whole new way. Forget standard missionary, this position feels so much better.

Love Making Tips for Married Couples

Now that you have a few new love making positions to play around with, here are a few love making tips for married couples that you will want to incorporate into your sex life.

Tip 1. Set the mood.

This is one of our top love making tips for husbands. A little goes a long way, so break out the candles, low lighting, and good smelling cologne. Women are sensual creatures that require more than just a bedroom. Set the mood right to make these positions truly amazing.

Tip 2. Ask what they want.

This is one of our top love making tips for the wife who wants to hold her husband’s attention. But you don’t have to outright ask him what he wants. Make it a fun game by asking him to write down all the things he wants to do sexually and put it in a bowl. Then randomly pull out suggestions. It’s a fun way to get to know what he truly wants.

Tip 3. Get kinky.

If you’re sex life is getting a little ‘blah,’ then you can spice things up with a bit of kink. If you’re looking for better sex tips for married couples, then this is one of the best. Together you can set boundaries you’re comfortable with but don’t be afraid to break the norm with some super kinkiness.

Tip 4. Stay Consistent

No matter what you do, make your sex life a regular part of your life. Sex techniques and sex problems in marriage often come down to consistency. Some of the greatest issues in marriage stem from a lack of a good sex life. If you use these sexual positions regularly you can fight off larger problems in your marriage.

Your sex life is important. Spice it up the right way with these tantalizingly amazing sexual positions.

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